Francophone populations

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Francophone populations outside Québec

According to the 2011 Canadian census, more than 1,050,000 Canadians living outside of Quebec reported their mother tongue as French. Canada has many diverse Francophone communities which include Acadians, Franco-Ontarians, Franco-Manitobans, and other, smaller francophone communities in every province and territory.

Diverse and thriving population

Francophone immigration to Canada is changing our understanding of la Francophonie. The new Ontarian definition of Francophone  now includes newcomers, whose maternal tongue is neither French nor English, but who have mastered the French language and speak it at home. For example in Ontario, racial minorities make up 10% of the Francophone population with increased immigration from French speaking countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. (Source: Government of Ontario’s Office of Francophone Affairs)

Francophones who are able to access health services and supports in their own language have a stronger sense of belonging and improved individual and community well-being.  (Source: Report to the Federal Minister of Health: Towards a New Leadership For The Improvement of Health Services in French – 2007).

Offering services in French, promotes health in the community and demonstrates commitment to equity and inclusion.

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