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What is it?

In webinars or webconferences, you use your web browser to connect to a site which allows everyone to see the same thing on their screen. It's the online equivalent of a seminar room. Usually you also use your telephone to participate in a teleconference at the same time. Occasionally there will not be a separate teleconference but participants will use their computer speakers to listen to the presenter and will be able to comment, ask questions, etc. by typing in a chat panel.

How can you use it in your work?

  • Use webconferencing to present work, share work in progress, hold committee meetings, etc. where participants would otherwise need to travel.
  • Participate in or present professional development webinars, again avoiding travel.


  • Health Nexus's Best Start and HC Link programs both hold webinars regularly.
  • CHNET-Works! offer a series of Fireside Chat webinars on topics of interest to public health professionals. CHNET-Works uses Bridgit software.
  • Public Health Ontario offers a number of webinars as part of their workshop and event listings.

How to get it

  • Yuuguu - online meetings including screensharing. Relatively low cost includes a telephone audio bridge so all participants pay their own long-distance.
  • Bell LiveMeeting (LiveMeeting is a Microsoft product) - can be a substantial cost.
  • Adobe Connect - very full-featured; cost can be substantial.
  • Arkadin - pay-as-you-go model (instead of yearly licensing) may work well for some users

Try it out

Explore further

If you think webinars would be a significant tool for your organization, be sure to get quotes from more than one company. Prices vary widely. You may be able to negotiate a lower-cost trial for one year.