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What is it?

Twitter is a free service that allows registered users to share content, resources and opinions in a brief 140 character “headline” that often links to a website or other resource.  The growth in usage of smartphones has made Twitter an ideal source for news content while on the go. After you sign up, you can “follow” other users to see their Tweets on a personalized homepage. You can choose who to follow based on their interests and main subject areas.

How can you use it in your work?

Twitter allows organizations to spread their knowledge, expertise and news further and broader, reaching audiences that may be powerful supporters. Twitter also acts as “radar” allowing them to take the pulse of their communities in regards to certain subjects.

Within Twitter, dialogues on specific topics can be spontaneous or scheduled and organized by various groups. Using a hashtag (ie: #CHCChat) in each post — a hashtag is just a word preceded by a “#” character, allowing for easy searching — users can follow the conversation.

The Twitter community is an up to date environment where users are receptive to feedback, sharing and support.

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.


Follow us on Twitter! You can read our tweets (and follow us, if you’re a Twitter user) in English @Health_Nexus and in French  @Nexus_Sante

HC Link, of which Health Nexus is a member, is also on Twitter in both languages. English: @HC_Link () and French @ReseauCS

How to get it

Go to Twitter and sign up for a free account.

Try it out

  • Send your own update (this is much like updating your Facebook status).
  • Find a few people to follow.
  • Reply to their messages using "@" in front of their username.

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