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What is it?

News sharing sites let a large group of people decide which news items are the most interesting, then highlight those items. This is sometimes called crowdsourcing news. News sharing sites tend to highlight different items than do major media, so these sites can be a useful addition to a news scan.

How can you use it in your work?

These sites will be of particular use to those whose work involves direct work with clients, outreach, or other roles in which an awareness of popular mood and memes is beneficial.

  • Add one or more crowdsourced news sites to your own information scan, if you do one.
  • Join one or more sites and help highlight items of professional interest

Examples / How to get it

  • is a new (still in beta in 2012) news sharing site that intents to surface public health news and promote discussion. See the front page for top-rated items or scan the Upcoming page for a more extensive view of all submitted items or click a tag to see only news on that topic.
  • Digg – has Top Stories and Popular Stories, but no separate category for health or health promotion. You can have a digest of top Digg stories emailed to you daily if you choose.
  • - less formal; more of a technology orientation (sometimes).
  • MetaFilter operates as a massive group blog, but has a special page for the most popular posts of the past day. There are also tags you can follow, for example
  • Newsvine - Newsvine has a health section, but it is not as large or popular a service as the others.

Try it out

  • Have a look at the sites above to see which best matches your professional interests. Because they’re very fast-moving, it's probably best to visit each site a few times over a week or two.
  • If one of the sites tends to highlight information you might otherwise have missed, add that site to your information scan.
  • If you regularly do a large information scan and wish to help highlight items of interest, sign up for a free account at your chosen site.

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