Healthy communities

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What is a healthy community?

"Healthy Communities initiatives are multisectoral collaborations that integrate social, economic and environmental goals to benefit the whole community and strengthen community capacity to promote and sustain health.” Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition ‘What makes a healthy community'

The term ’healthy communities’ is commonly used to mean a vision, an approach or strategy, an initiative or even a movement. Regardless of how the term is applied, there are some common elements which include:

  • a strong focus on the determinants of health
  • active community involvement
  • participation from a variety of sectors beyond health and health promotion
  • Partnership with local government and the development of healthy public policies

On a global scale, healthy communities is linked to a broader Healthy Communities/Healthy Cities (HC) movement which involves thousands of health promotion partnerships and collaborations around the world.

Health Nexus is a proud member of HC Link, a collaborative of three partner organizations that support healthy community initiatives across Ontario.

Where can you go for more information? 

Health Nexus resources

3M Health Leadership Award

3M Health Leadership Award is co-sponsored by Health Nexus and 3M Canada to honour the range of outstanding leaders who have had a significant impact on the health of their communities.

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