Thoughts on the election results

By Barb Willet

I eagerly watched coverage of the election last night, awaiting the outcome of what was predicted to be a very close race. From a health promotion perspective, the results are positive for Ontario.

With an unexpected majority, Premier Wynne can move forward on her platform that was based largely on the May provincial budget, a budget which many considered to be one of the most progressive in many years.  The proposed measures attempt to balance austerity with investments in key areas including early child development, community health, poverty reduction and the widening income inequality in Ontario. 

Despite the new government’s declared commitments many challenges remain and there are numerous competing government priorities and demands.  

At Health Nexus, we believe that, to have the most positive impact on our society, the newly elected government must address the underlying issues that influence our health and wellbeing, and build communities where people feel safe, connected, and valued.  We are ready to work with the provincial government and our broader partners on these fundamental issues that impact us all.  

Together, we can help make Ontario the healthiest province in Canada.