Summer reading suggestions

What do child discipline, depression management, multilingual children and the recruitment of bilingual staff all have in common?

They’re all resources from the Best Start Resource Centre and HC Link of course!

Why not take advantage of the little time left in the summer to read up on some very interesting topics?

Below you’ll find more information about our new resources and where you can download them for free or order print copies for your organization.

Child Discipline – Ontario Parents’ Knowledge, Beliefs and Behaviours

This report shares the results of a survey of parents’ knowledge, beliefs and behaviours about child discipline in Ontario. It reviews the results and makes recommendations for initiatives aiming to reduce the prevalence of corporal and emotional punishment of children.

Managing Depression

This workbook is for women living with depression during pregnancy, after delivery and beyond, and their clinicians or service providers.  It provides information about depression and healthy lifestyle behaviours, and skills for managing depression.  Concerned partners, family members or friends may also find this resource helpful.

When Children Speak More Than One Language

As a parent of a child who will learn two or more languages, you may have questions. This guide will give you information based on research to help you.

Language is the best tool to help a child do well later in school and in life.

Finders Keepers: Recruiting & Retaining Bilingual Staff

This issue of @ a glance covers three important steps that
improve an organization’s success in maintaining bilingual staff: recruiting bilingual employees, retaining them and developing strategies to keep them in the organization. The resource is part of HC Link’s series aimed at building the capacity of organizations to deliver services in French.
French version