Putting networks to work: February webinars

We're excited about all the ways networks are good for work and about all the ways network mapping can be used to help groups reach their goals -- our network mapping service works with groups from many sectors.

Network mapping and the benefits of working in a networked way can be a different way of thinking, so in February we're offering a couple of introductory webinars.

On February 2, we're offering a theory overview -- Networks 101: Developing a Network Mindset in Your Work. Working collaboratively with other groups and organizations isn't the same as working in an organizational hierarchy -- what are the benefits? How can you make it work for you?

On February 16, we'll be discussing network maps -- Network Mapping as a Tool to Engage, Measure & Strengthen your Collaborations. Creating tangible images of your key relationships helps groups strengthen connections and partnerships. If you can see it, you can work with it!

Each webinar is $50. Both webinars will use Adobe Connect for the visuals and a teleconference for the audio, and there will be time for questions and discussion.

Join us and be inspired. Leverage the strength of your network to create real change.