Leadership Training for Active Offer: a new course for health service providers

By Andrea Bodkin, Health Promotion Specialist, Health Nexus

Active Offer is a critical component to French Language Services within patient-centered health care. It is the regular and permanent offer of services to the Francophone population[1].  Active Offer contributes to high-quality and patient-centered care. To strengthen and build organizational capacity to address the health care needs of the Francophone population, Reflet Salvéo invited a number of partners to develop a three day Leadership Training for Active Offer course. Health Nexus is thrilled to be a part of this collaborative project, along with Rifssso, Centres d’accueil héritage and Collège Boréal.

This morning, Health Nexus’ Executive Director, Barb Willet, and I attended the launch for the course at Collège Boréal. The Honorable Marie-France Lalonde, Minster Responsible for Francophone Affairs, attended the event and spoke about the need to promote and reinforce the importance of Active Offer throughout the province. All Ontarians, says Mme Lalonde, must feel that they deserve quality services, whether in French or English.  Mme Lalonde recognized the partnership efforts behind the Leadership Training for Active Offer course, saying that successful active offer requires partnerships, including with non-francophone health providers. Gilles Marchildon, Executive Director of Reflet Salvéo, echoed this sentiment, saying that through partnership, francophones and Anglophones can accomplish great things.

The first two coho"Nous établissons un monument pour les services en français" déclare @gmarchildonrts of the Leadership Training for Active Offer course begin this week. Twenty-four “change ambassadors”, as M. Marchildon calls them, will learn about the background and context of Franco-Ontarians and Active Offer, learn about community engagement and cultural competency, and receive a number of practical tools. Maryse Francella, Reflet Salvéo’s consultant on the project, has created a strategic planning manual that will act as a roadmap for participants to better implement Active Offer in their organizations.

We at Health Nexus hope that this course, in the words of M. Marchildon, will have a snowball effect throughout the province of Ontario. We look forward working with Reflet Salvéo and partners in delivering this course!

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[1] French Language Health Planning Entities and French Language Health Networks of Ontario, March 2015. Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario.