*How* many million views? The power of social media

By Céline Levesque

Sometimes we don’t realize how social media has immense power when it comes to distribution of information.

I wasn’t satisfied with the numbers from our YouTube and Vimeo accounts for the Children See, Children Learn Public Service Announcement  (also posted in French) -- it was turning up on Facebook and elsewhere, and our own site statistics didn't include those views. So I did a little Facebook search of my own, trying to avoid counting duplicate posts of the video.

In a fairly quick search I found 13 people and organizations that had posted our video and generated the following stats:

Drumroll please!

From those 13 posters alone, the Children See, Children Learn PSA was viewed 34,432,291 times, had been shared 1,166,427 times and had generated 270,773 reactions (likes, emojis etc.). Someone had even translated it into Spanish.

If you post content that's shareable on social media, this is the sort of amazing thing that can happen.

If you're interested in adapting the PSA, contact us for more information.