HC Link - A year in review document now available

Today HC Link released their annual Year in Review: Increasing Community Capacity for Health Promotion.  This document highlights the accomplishments of HC Link over the past year, including highlights of services and how the work of HC Link has impacted those working to build healthy communities across Ontario.

Health Nexus, a member of HC Link, is proud not only of the services we deliver and the products we release, but proud to be a member of such a collaborative. When the organizations now a part of HC Link first came together in 2009 it marked a shift in the way that we thought and functioned. Like so many of the community groups and collaboratives that we support at the local level, we went through our own developmental processes to find the most effective ways to work together. HC Link’s fifth year of operating as this collaborative was a banner one: we reached new audiences, we met the needs of those who received our services, and we contributed to the effectiveness of the individuals and organizations that accessed HC Link.

The Year in Review contains many stories about the community-based networks and groups that we work with, and we hope that you find their stories interesting and inspirational.

Link to the report