A few words from one of our summer students...

By Christine Nhan

There was never one specific moment in my life where I knew I wanted to pursue a career in health, but rather a gradual desire and need to help those around me. Do you know that feeling you get after reading a heartwarming story? Like that time a small town celebrated Christmas a month early to fulfill the wish of a terminally ill boy. It’s an overwhelming feeling that rushes over you and leaves you covered in goosebumps. One can only imagine what is going through the mind of someone receiving so much love and support from people they might not even know; their happiness and joy evidently flooding from within. Stories like these fuel my passion and remind me of why I want to make a living out of helping people. I want to use my skills and knowledge to better the lives of others. Nothing would be more fulfilling than having a role in creating such happiness.

It’s not only this passion that motivates me to work my hardest towards my goal, but as well as my family. Being a first generation Canadian, my parents had made many sacrifices in their past to provide me with a much better life than they had previously lived. This serves as a constant reminder for me to not give up in the pursuit of my dreams.

My sister has always been a significant role model in my life. Her similar values and goals in life has provided me with guidance.  As a child, I was very narrow minded and had only thought that the health field was composed of front line workers, such as nurses and doctors. For the longest time I thought these were the only options I had for my future. It wasn’t until my sister went off to University had my knowledge of health care broaden. I still continue to learn a great deal from her. Following after her footsteps, I currently attend the University of Waterloo for the Health Studies Program.  Now having a much better understanding and acknowledging the fact that health is a multi-dimensional field of work, I enrolled in the University's co-op program with the hopes to further explore these different dimensions and gain firsthand experience.

When I discovered that I would be working at Health Nexus, I was beyond excited to work alongside individuals who shared the same values and goals. My few weeks working here have been an amazing experience. Through my role as data administrative clerk, I am not only learning about the health promotion services provided by Health Nexus, but as well as the systematic processes staff undergo in order to carry out their tasks. Being able to contribute to an organization that focuses on meaningful work is extremely gratifying and I am so thankful for the opportunity. I’m looking forward to learning more from the staff members here and furthering my knowledge on the field of health.