Celebrating leaders who inspire change in communities across Canada

By Barb Willet

For the past 4 years, I’ve looked forward to learning, through the 3M Health Leadership Award, about the incredible caliber of individuals working in communities across the country.  This year is no exemption.

We are celebrating 5 individuals, recognized by our judges to demonstrate the leadership needed to facilitate the kind of social change necessary to improve health and well-being in their community, inspire others, and have a lasting impact. Congratulations to Joy Finney, our award recipient and our 4 finalists, Agnes Contois, Leslie Dunning, Doug Kelly and Teresa Fleming.

We are also excited about this year’s roster of leaders because together they represent many aspects of the award, our commitment to the underlying determinants of health and reflect our belief that leadership is action, it is taking responsibility and it is more than a position or title. Our leaders work on issues that span the environment, people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Aboriginal communities, violence prevention and system change. Geographically they represent much of Canada– British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. For more information please see our awards website.

Our awards gala on December 4th promises to be a highlight of the year as we meet these leaders and celebrate their accomplishments and commitment to healthy communities. We hope you can join us!