Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) can be used as part of your organization’s strategy to reduce health inequities. Conducting an HEIA will help you to identify the unintended impacts of your program, policy or initiative and identify strategies to maximize the positive and minimize the negative impacts.

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care developed an HEIA tool and workbook to help organizations and groups with their health equity efforts.  Health Nexus has been asked by the Ministry to be a Champion of the HEIA Tool, and works with other provincial organizations to support organizations in Ontario to conduct HEIAs and apply the results.

What is Health Equity Impact Assessment?

HEIA was designed as an easy-to-use tool to help agencies to reduce inequities that result from barriers to access and to improve positive health outcomes. There are 5 steps in conducting an HEIA:

What is Health Equity Impact Assessment?

Getting Started with HEIA

Watch this introductory video to learn more about the 5 steps in HEIA.

Learn more about how Health Nexus can support you and your organization regarding HEIA.

HEIA Tip Sheet: Getting Started with HEIA (PDF)

HEIA Tip Sheet: Planning for a Successful HEIA (PDF)

HEIA Tip Sheet: Navigating Step 3: Identifying and Selecting Mitigation Strategies (PDF)

HEIA Tip Sheet: Engaging in Reflexive Practice When Conducting HEIAs (PDF)

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Watch this introductory webinar from HC Link and read the accompanying resource.

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