Impact Assessments

Our ultimate goal of the health promotion programs, policies and initiatives that we design and implement is to improve the health of individuals, groups and communities. Impact assessments are a tool that we can use to identify unintended consequences to health that may result from the policy/program. Strategies to minimize the negative and maximize the positive impacts can then be identified. Impact assessments also help us to consider how the policy/program will affect a variety of population groups, including those who are vulnerable and marginalized. There are a variety of impact assessments that can be used, and many different approaches to conducting them. At Health Nexus, we use Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA), depending on your particular needs.

Conducting an impact assessment can help you to….

  • Gather additional information to inform decision-makers
  • Increase community engagement and participation
  • Increase collaboration and expand your networks
  • Address health and equity through non-health policies and programs

We offer customized training, consultation and advice

Introductory workshops and webinars

Impact Assessment 101

In this introductory session, we’ll discuss the evolution of impact assessments and the many benefits of conducting impact assessments on policies, programs and initiatives. A brief overview of three types of impact assessments will be given, and we’ll discuss the benefits, drawbacks and uses of each. 

Health Impact Assessment 101 or Health Equity Impact Assessment 101

Each workshop covers the purpose of the assessment, where to find and how to collect the necessary evidence, and how to apply the findings from these assessments to modify your existent program or policy. The workshops include relevant examples to discuss lessons learned and provide recommendations.    

In depth workshops

Longer, in-person workshops are intended to review the basics of the impact assessment, feature examples and stories from the field, and provide the opportunity to work through case examples, identify the necessary conditions to implement impact assessment in your work, and plan relevant next steps. 

Assistance in designing your IA strategy

The successful completion of an impact assessment requires consideration of factors such as institutional and organizational support, funding resources, and time management. We can work with you to design an effective strategy for the impact assessment that best addresses your project specific needs.

Individual consultations and coaching

We are also able to provide support during any stages of the assessments to key team members involved in the project. Through face-to-face meetings or teleconferencing and emails, we are able to provide guidance on any concerns or questions you may have about impact assessments.  


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