French language capacity-building

We work with English-speaking organizations to help build their capacity to work together with francophones and engage French-speaking communities.

As an officially designated bilingual organization since 1996, Health Nexus is proud to deliver all of our services in English and French. We also help others to work more effectively with francophone minority populations (such as Haitian or West African).

When you offer services to your clients in French, you...

  • Promote health in your community more widely
    • Being bilingual helps organizations to reach more of their target audience.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to equity and inclusion
    • Language is a key barrier to accessible services.

New legal requirement in Ontario mandates French language services

A 2011 regulation under Ontario’s French Language Services Act states that the active offer of French-language services is a fundamental principle to be respected by transfer payment organizations— like Community Care Access Centres.  

We offer customized consultation and advice

Planning tools

Needs assessments

We help you to identify the needs of  francophones in your community- and make recommendations about next steps. 

French language services planning

We can help you develop your FLS implementation plan according to the requirements of Ontario’s regulations.

Network mapping and partnership-building with francophone stakeholders

We work with you to create a snapshot of local francophone stakeholders--and  how to strengthen your connections with them.

Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) for francophones

We help you to plan programs for francophones by applying the (HEIA) Health Equity Impact Assessment Tool developed by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. 

Community engagement

We can help you to engage francophones with our effective Connecting the Dots (PDF) model, now adapted for francophone communities as Créer des liens communautaires (PDF)

Getting started. . .

Toolkit: Moving toward a bilingual organization (en français : Vers une organisation bilingue)

Created in collaboration with Reflet Salveo, this toolkit presents service providers with the essential elements needed to create an environment that supports quality French language services. It outlines the 7 steps to creating a bilingual organizational culture and takes organizations through a checklist to assess the organization’s current bilingual culture status. The checklist is also an opportunity to reflect on key strategies for building a bilingual organizational culture.

The tool kit also includes information on:

  • How to recruit and retain bilingual staff
  • How to make an active offer of French language services
  • How to promote French language services
Connecting the Dots: A Handbook for Chronic Disease Prevention through Community Engagement.  Toronto: Health Nexus. 2009.

Connecting the Dots: A Handbook for Chronic Disease Prevention through Community Engagement. 
Toronto: 2009