Health Nexus Privacy Policy

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Health Nexus is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients, staff, volunteers, donors, and colleagues. We adhere to the fair information principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA): to be accountable, accurate, clear on purposes of information collection; ensure consent and limits for its use; and to provide access and recourse.   

Our privacy policy statement discloses the information we gather, how we gather it, how we use it, how it can be corrected or changed, and our role in keeping it confidential and secure.

Personal information is defined as any form that includes home address (postal and email), personal telephone number (cell or home), race, age, marital status, religion, identifiable photos, donor histories, credit history, employment history, ID numbers, and staff and volunteers personnel files.

Organizational or business contact information (address, phone and fax numbers, email address, website), and individuals’ names, their organizational affiliation and title, are not considered personal information.

Information gathered by Health Nexus

We gather four types of information about users, primarily through our websites:

Contact information provided by users through registrations for various services provided by Health Nexus and through online surveys and questionnaires. This information is needed to deliver requested service(s), for invoicing where applicable, for follow-up contact with users where required or requested, and for the delivery of ordered resources. Where personal information (as defined above) is collected, the purpose for collection is explained, and the information is not used for any other purposes without explicit consent of the individual.

Transactions - Users of Health Nexus programs, services, events and publications may be asked to make a payment online, by fax, or telephone, either by credit card or by sending a group purchase order. Credit card information provided by purchasers of a product or service, such as publications or a conference or workshop, is needed for payment authorization and processing.

E-mail addresses for users who voluntarily subscribe to free e-mail lists, and bulletins, such as MNCHP Network Bulletin, OHPE Bulletin, and Le Bloc-Notes. This information is needed to deliver messages and e-bulletins to subscribers. All subscribers may unsubscribe or have their subscription modified at their request. Subscribers’ email addresses are not accessible to the public or non-subscribers.

Composite tallies of page views, search terms, and other traffic information that is useful for improving the design and content of our site. This composite information does not identify individual users.

Limiting Use

No information about specific individuals is ever shared with, sold to, rented to, or made available in any way to any outside party, with the following exceptions:

  • To process a payment through our ‘shopping cart’ e-commerce payment management provider;
  • We are authorized by the individual to share his or her information;
  • We are required by law to disclose to legal authorities.

Confidentiality and Safeguards

All employees, agents, volunteers and service providers of Health Nexus and its programs are required to protect confidentiality of personal information.

Contact information is held in a password protected contact management system, and does not include personal information, other than home contact information provided by consent of the individual.
Financial transaction information is encrypted,  held in a separate secure location for a limited time, and is only accessible to accounting and administrative staff as required.

Disclosure and Contact

When requested, Health Nexus will inform individuals if we have any personal information about them, how it is used and stored, and how they can access it and have any corrections or changes made for accuracy and completeness, or removal.

Health Nexus respects individuals’ requests for changing preferences for communications and contacts with the organization, or for discontinuing contact.

Questions or concerns about our privacy policy or protection of personal privacy may be directed to: