Announcing Winter 2018 Leadership Training in Active Offer of French Language Health Services

We’ve learned a lot in the past few decades about the conditions that support health and where we, as health promoters, should focus our efforts. We know the factors which need to be addressed in order to support and improve population health. These factors – the determinants of health – include language and culture. Evidence strongly suggests that clients who receive services in their language follow health advice and instructions more closely, have less need for hospital services and stay healthier. Service-providers who offer services in French have a better understanding of their francophone clients and can offer higher quality services that are more closely suited to their needs.

Delivering needs-based, high quality French Language Services (FLS) is complex: there is not “easy button” to press or switch to flip. There are a number of factors and actions needed for organizations to effectively develop and deliver French Languages Services and ultimately, improve the health of francophone communities.

One of those factors is the ability of an organization to provide an active offer of FLS. An active offer is defined as all of the actions taken to ensure that FLS is readily available, accessible, visible, and that the quality of French services is comparable to English services (RIFSSSO, 2012).

In other words, when you walk into an organization, how do you know that they offer services in French? When you visit their website? When you call on the phone? What do you see, hear, and notice?

To help health services organizations plan and implement an Active Offer of FLS, the Toronto Central LHIN, Reflét Salvèo, Health Nexus, Centres d’Accueil Héritage and Collège Boréal have partnered to deliver a three day course, Leadership Training in Active Offer of French Language Health Services. Launched last spring, this year we’ll be offering two courses, beginning January 26 and February 2. The course features:

  • Practical tools and best practices to assess and build organizational capacity for servicing Francophone patients.
  • Interactive case studies on the application of the Active Offer concept and effective engagement of Francophone populations.
  • Approaches for meaningful engagement of the Francophone community in accessing health services.
  • Development of a strategic plan for Active Offer of French Language Health Services

In order to support health service providers in achieving their French Language Services requirement, training is provided free of charge for service providers funded by the Toronto Central LHIN.  Visit our registration pages (January 26 start date and February 2 start date) for more information or view our brochure!