Who we are

Our mission

Health Nexus promotes healthy, equitable and inclusive communities.

Our vision

We envision communities where everyone is healthy.

We value...

  • Health as a resource for everyday living and not just the absence of disease
  • Our official designation to provide and support French Language Services
  • Our longstanding commitment to, and partnerships with, diverse communities
  • The leadership that resides within all of us
  • Equity and social justice and believe that health is only fully achieved when inequities are reduced
  • Collaboration and participation as the means to promote social change
  • The strengths and assets of communities and the role they play in our health and well-being

We strive to live these values in all that we do. 

In addition, Health Nexus is committed to:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Healthy workplaces that encourage a strong team environment, respect, integrity, and adaptability
  • Excellence; innovation; the sharing of new knowledge, theory and practice; and the continual evolution of strategic approaches to health promotion.

Directions 2015-2018

We contribute to healthy, equitable and inclusive communities in the following ways:

Promoting Change through Knowledge Mobilization by

  • Promoting an understanding of how to enhance the conditions that contribute to healthy communities
  • Contributing improved prenatal, child and youth health outcomes

Mobilizing leadership for healthy communities through

  • Cultivating leaders who stimulate change for a positive impact on health through a variety of learning forums
  • Promoting the development of healthy public policies
  • Acknowledging excellence in leadership for healthy communities

Creating and nurturing networks by

  • Continuing to initiate and support partnership development across sectors and networks
  • Leveraging our network mapping and analysis expertise

Strengthening organizational capacity and innovation through

  • Exemplifying a vibrant, adaptive and responsive organization
  • Contributing to organizational capacity in others by supporting them to learn, plan, collaborate and communicate effectively

Our history

Health Nexus began 30 years ago when a group of committed people in child and family mental health services recognized the importance of prevention, the need to stay connected and have access to the necessary information and resources to support their efforts.

We are leaders in health promotion

This dynamic group started what was then known as the Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse (OPC), an innovative organization with a focus on leadership and information exchange within the emerging field of prevention and health promotion.   Inspired by the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, we made an explicit, initial commitment to the social conditions that influence health.  We also recognized the unique needs of Francophones and made it a priority to achieve status as a bilingually designated organization.

We value collaboration

As our role as a leader in health promotion evolved, we wanted a name that reflected that growth and captured the essence of the work we do to connect communities with resources / information and other like-minded organizations, support and encourage the formation of diverse partnerships. In 2008, we became Health Nexus.

We honour health equity and social justice

Much has changed over the years but we continue to take a holistic approach to the promotion of health. We believe that health is best promoted by people who work locally in their communities and that our role is to build their capacity as they plan and implement health promotion strategies. We work with diverse partners across Ontario and beyond to build healthy, equitable and inclusive communities, by providing consultation, training, and knowledge exchanges as well as by supporting network development in both English and French. We integrate population based health and the determinants of health in all aspects of our work. Our services are grounded in evidence, drawing on best and promising practices.

We help launch innovative ideas

We contributed to and supported the launch of several organizations such as the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance, Voices for Children and the Ontario Women’s Health Network.