Collaborative Leadership in Practice (CLiP)

Living equity in relationships and partnerships

Health Nexus and the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) are pleased to partner on a two-year bilingual project to strengthen collaborative and equitable leadership in the non-profit sector —specifically in the context of partnerships and networks.

The project will share research, resources and learning opportunities to:

Increase knowledge and understanding of processes and policies that centre equity-seeking communities in leadership and decision-making.

Develop organizational skills to implement equitable leadership, based on promising practices from six partnerships/networks across Ontario.

Facilitate a culture shift which recognizes the need to examine and redistribute power and resources to achieve more collective and equitable practices.

Our Vision for Collaborative and Equitable Leadership

Equitable leadership takes into account that people have different lived experiences of:

  • power
  • access to resources
  • historical and current injustices
  • resistance and resilience

These differences shape the ways in which people participate in, make decisions about, and have control over their own lives and communities.

Equitable leadership practices will enhance our collaborative action to create change.

Strengthening collaborative, equitable and inclusive leadership in the non-profit sector

Are you interested?

Check out our website, where we have up to date information on CLiP.

There are many ways to be involved:

Community of Interest - Stay informed

Join our listserv to receive updates and be in the loop!

Community of Change - Learn with us

View our bilingual webinars, join a regional gathering, or register for our 2-day bilingual Learning Institute. Use the project tools and resources to assess and change your partnership and network.

Community of Co-Creation - Generate knowledge

Reach out and connect with the CLiP team to co-create equitable tools and resources with us.