About us

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Our mission

Health Nexus promotes healthy, equitable and inclusive communities.

Our vision

We envision communities where everyone is healthy.

We value...

  • Health as a resource for everyday living and not just the absence of disease
  • Our official designation to provide and support French Language Services
  • Our longstanding commitment to, and partnerships with, diverse communities
  • The leadership that resides within all of us
  • Equity and social justice and believe that health is only fully achieved when inequities are reduced
  • Collaboration and participation as the means to promote social change
  • The strengths and assets of communities and the role they play in our health and well-being

We strive to live these values in all that we do.

In addition, Health Nexus is committed to:

  • Accountability and transparency
  • Healthy workplaces that encourage a strong team environment, respect, integrity, and adaptability

Excellence; innovation; the sharing of new knowledge, theory and practice; and the continual evolution of strategic approaches to health promotion

Health Nexus is a registered charitable organization # 13049 0857 RR0001