About us

Health Nexus is a leader in health promotion. We are a bilingual organization that supports individuals, organizations and communities to strengthen their capacity to promote health. Our work is grounded in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and we view health broadly.

As a designated French language services provider Health Nexus is committed to providing effective services in both English and French. And we also help English organizations learn how to work with their Francophone clients.

For more than 30 years, we have been leaders in innovation, connection and collaboration in Ontario and beyond.

Our services, our programs and our staff  reflect our exceptional experience in health promotion.

Equity, inclusion, engagement and resilience are the touchstones of all our work.

What we do

Build capacity

We help individuals and organizations to implement health promotion strategies, based on the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. These strategies address the broad determinants of health and aim to enhance community well-being.

Connect communities with resources

We're your source for health-promotion related print and electronic resources,webinars, workshops and other events. We also provide tailored consultations, deliver expert advice, and refer you to key sources of information and support.

Form partnerships

With a proven track record in community engagement, we bring together partners from different sectors,to  identify common interests and creative strategies. We are co-founders of the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA) and are one of three organizations that collaborate as HC Link.

Advocate for change

We are an advocate for healthy public policy that promotes health equity and inclusion for all.

Offer services in both official languages

As a provincially-designated French language services provider for more than 15 years, Health Nexus is committed to offering effective services in both English and French to support Francophone communities in Ontario and beyond.

Health Nexus is a registered charitable organization # 13049 0857 RR0001