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Health Promotion Today

Get outside this summer!

Like many Canadians, we at Health Nexus are excited by the arrival of summer.  The warmer... [read more]

*How* many million views? The power of social media

By Céline Levesque

Sometimes we don’t realize how social media has immense power when it... [read more]

Poor people in Ontario pay for their low income with their health

So says the foreword of Health Quality Ontario’s recently released report devoted entirely to... [read more]

Starting all kids on the path to health

For newly pregnant women it can be daunting to learn that their health and weight before and... [read more]

Book Review - A Survival Guide to the Misinformation Age: Scientific Habits of Mind, by David J. Helfand

By Robyn Kalda

"This world faces daunting challenges--from energy supplies to... [read more]

Have a Ball Together! Physical Activity for Children

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