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It Takes a Village: Taking Action for Healthy Children

An online course for service providers to support the healthy growth and development of children aged 2-11.

Health Promotion Today

The healthy foods of traditional Aboriginal diets: link to health promotion practice

By Pascale Leclair-Roberts

As Aboriginal Awareness week is coming to a close, Canada has... [read more]

Apps for Health (But are they?)

By Robyn Kalda

At the end of April I went to the ... [read more]

5 Good Ideas - Open Data

By Robyn Kalda

Today I went to the Five Good Ideas (... [read more]

Budget Week

The release of both federal and provincial budgets last week generated much news coverage and... [read more]

Engaging communities in the design and use of their streets

By Nadha Hassen

The next time you walk down the street where you live, take an honest... [read more]

How can you tell if your referrals are working? Map them!

You're part of a network of services that relies on referrals for efficient client service—... [read more]

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