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Strengthening collaborative, equitable and inclusive leadership in the non-profit sector.
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Health Promotion Today

Health Promotion – At the Very Heart of Sustainability

By Barb Willet

For many people that don’t work within the health promotion field, the... [read more]

Introducing Two New Resources to help you Get Started with HEIA

By Andrea Bodkin, Health Nexus

Health Nexus has been working in the area of health equity... [read more]

Planning for better birth outcomes with a Reproductive Life Plan

Despite universal access to health care and advanced neonatal care, adverse outcomes during... [read more]

Coactive ‘laddership’: Modelling collaborative and equitable partnerships

By Sara Mohammed

On June 16th, 2016, we had our first webinar, “Practicing Collaborative... [read more]

The "Safer" Cigarette?

By Christine Nhan

Prior to university, I had very little exposure and knowledge of shisha... [read more]

A few words from one of our summer students...

By Christine Nhan

There was never one specific moment in my life where I knew I wanted to... [read more]

Have a Ball Together! Physical Activity for Children

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